Ash Rhodes

Writer, Photographer, and Leader

Ash was born and raised in Arizona, but left the state at 17 to begin a love affair with traveling and photography. Ash's travels have brought him everywhere from Canada to Hungary (see the photographs here). Ash is also an award-winning event photographer, with parades, weddings, and concerts in his events portfolio.An historian by passion and education, Ash fell into technology by accident. Upon graduating from the University of Glasgow with a Master's of Philosophy, he needed a job and GoDaddy had that certain je ne sais quoi: They were hiring. The rest, as they say, is history.A seasoned technologist and recognized thought leader in the ever-growing world of customer support and remote work with hobbies in the realms of writing, photography, swimming, and competitive longsword fencing (no, really!); Ash has become the type of Renaissance Man that he used to study. A Renaissance Man in a Digital World!