Owen Westley Reich

. . . was born on January 15th at about 3:30am. He weighs 8 pounds and 7 ounces. He caused his mother no end of trouble and despite being on pitocin for almost 48 hours, he still needed a C-Section in order to join us in this world.

Now I’ve not quite been able to figure out what this kid is to me. His Dad, Travis, is my first cousin (his mother and my father are siblings). So does this mean that he’s my first cousin once removed? Or second cousin? Or just some random crying thing?

For those who like babies (Meggan), pictures will almost certainly be posted some time soon. Have a happy Sunday!



  1. SO confusing! But he’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen . . . at least since the last newborn I saw (which would be Connor Ashton). So how many days of freedom left?


  2. You met Travis back at MVHS, didn’t you? Tall guy. Kinda the class clown. Who’da thunk we’d end up such close friends again after so many years!


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